Student Examinations

Student Examinations are offered in Tap, Jazz, and Acrobatics to all good standing members of the CDTA BC Branch Stage Members.

If you would like to enter students for Stage Examinations:

Step 1:Please submit a “Request for Student Examinations” form to the Examination Secretary.

The form must be submitted to the Stage Exam Secretary a minimum of 12 weeks prior to your earliest request date.

Step 2:Please read the Rules and Regulations document.

Step 3:Please submit the Student Exam Entry and student schedule Form with full payment to the Stage Exam Examination Secretary eight weeks prior to your exam date

*Note: Entries received after the eight-week date will be subject to a $100.00 per week late charge, not to be pro-rated. Late addition fees are $10.00 per exam.

Please ensure that current entry forms are used. Incorrect forms will be returned, and late charges will be applied where applicable. Also ensure that your students’ names are spelled correctly and that ages are included on the student schedule.

Please read the Rules and Regulations document.  You will find plenty of information and assistance for preparing to host the Examiner and have a successful examination session.