The following information is for new applicants and is intended to guide you through the application process and provide membership information.

MEMBERSHIP (article 5 CDTA Bylaws)

An applicant for membership at any level shall be of a good moral character and a fit and proper person to be admitted as a member of the Canadian Dance Teachers Association BC Branch. Members are required to respect and uphold the rules of the Association and must comply with the conditions prescribed by the Branch Executive that no complaint is pending against him or her in relation to any other dance association, school or studio and that no disciplinary action or investigation by any such group or by any government agency is ongoing. If any complaint or disciplinary action or investigation has taken place, the applicant must provide full details of it to the Branch Executive.

1. Membership in the Branch requires compliance with the Code of Ethics and Bylaws of the Association. (request from Registrar)


  1. Affiliate (Pre-Associate)
    • Please note: “an affiliate must make arrangements to take the Associate examination within two years of acceptance into the Branch. An extension of this time must be applied for in a written request to the executive with an explanation. The executive will then deal with each request individually.”
  2. Associate
  3. Member – Licentiate
  4. Fellow
  5. Patron
  6. Life
  7. Honorary