Student Examinations

MULTICULTURAL Student Examinations are offered to members in good standing in the following:

  • National Multicultural Division – Grade One, Two and Three.
  • Bhangra – Grade One, Two and Three.
  • Kathak – Grade  One and Two.

To enter students for Multicultural Exams:

Step 1: At least 12 weeks before your earliest requested exam date, submit the “Student Examination Request” form.

Suggest three possible options for exam dates. Preferred exam dates will be accommodated where possible. Every effort will be made to fulfill requests, but sometimes this is not possible.

Step 2: At least 6 weeks before your exam date, submit the “Student Exam Entry Form” and “Student Examination Schedule” along with FULL PAYMENT.

Late entries (received less than six weeks before the exam date) are subject to a $25.00 per week late charge, not to be pro-rated.  Late additions are charged $10.00 more per student per exam.


  • Ensure current forms are used. Incorrect forms will be returned and may incur late charges where applicable.
  • Ensure students’ names are spelled correctly.
  • Include students’ ages on the “Student Examination Schedule”.