Welcome to the National Division of the CDTA, BC Branch!!

Email questions to the Multicultural Division Chair. (Contact Us)

NEW APPLICANTS who wish to become an Associates or Member of the CDTA BC should contact the Registrar. (Contact Us)

The National Multicultural Division invites all interested Multicultural Dance Teachers to become members. We have examinations in Associate level and Membership level.

CDTA BC has syllabi for student exams in National Multicultural, Bhangra and Kathak.

Also, new National Multicultural syllabi up to Grade One and Grade Two are completed, and they are available for purchase as well as the CD of the music.

CDTA Dance Teachers may enter their student for exams.

The National Multicultural Dances are so varied and colorful, representing the Heritage of our Country.

  • Request for examination should be made at least six weeks prior to date required.
  • Professional examination dates may be set by the CDTA, or a special date may be requested.
  • Results of examination will be sent by mail 1-3 weeks . No correspondence or verbal discussion can be entered into regarding the examination report.
  • In every category of examination, candidates failing an examination may not retake the same examination for three months.
  • Establish National Multicultural Syllabi, standards and examinations across Canada for professional dance teachers and students.
  • Promote friendship and the exchange of ideas and information among the dance teachers of Canada, as well as internationally. Provide an organization to represent Canadian, National Multicultural, Dance teachers in Canada as well as internationally.
  • Encourage and maintain a high standard of business ethics among dance teachers.
  • Provide educational opportunities in specific dance disciplines for professionals, students and the general public