Modern Syllabus

The Junior Modern Syllabus is a two- binder set, with the first including Grades 1, 2, and 3, and the second Gr 4, Inter, and Advanced.

Applicants, who have been approved by the Executive Committee to proceed with the Affiliate program or membership examination process and have paid their examination fee in full, are eligible to purchase the Modern Syllabus. You will find the syllabus helpful in preparing for your exam, as candidates will require a working knowledge of the Junior Modern Syllabus for the Associate Examination.

Please contact the Modern Division Chairperson with regards to ordering a copy of the Junior Modern Syllabus or complete the Modern Syllabus Order Form and forward it to the Modern Division Chairperson.

National Syllabus Order Form

National DVD Order Form

Current members are encouraged to check the web page regularly for syllabus updates or Examiner notes.