Membership Dues


Please notify the Secretary of any changes to address, phone or email promptly to assist in keeping the membership list current.

Members Advertising Credentials:  

In advertising Canadian Dance Teachers Association BC Branch qualifications, a member must list the individual Divisions in which he or she has qualified and state which category of membership that they hold.

Membership Dues (Bylaws 2.5)   

  1. Membership Dues are not transferable.
  2. Members will receive notification of Membership Dues no later than November 15th each year.
  3. Dues must be paid by the end of January annually of the current year.
  4. After March 31st a penalty will be levied of $5 per month 

Policy Regarding Leave of Absence:  

A Member may apply for a leave of absence under the following conditions:

  1. A written request to the Executive outlining the reasons for the leave and subsequent approval for the one year leave by the Executive.
  2. Any further annual leaves are re-applied for and approved by the Executive each year of the leave.
  3. Leave status means there will by no teaching by the member.
  4. The fee for the year will be $60.00.
  5. The leave years do not count towards Life Membership (in fact they interrupt the 30 years of continuous service required for Life Member status).

Policy Regarding Reinstatement of Membership 

Former members can be reinstated upon reapplying to CDTA ($35 application fee) and then paying their dues of $90 per year (pro-rated if necessary). If they wish to be eligible for Life Membership based on their original date of membership, all back dues must be paid, however CDTA will waive the late fees. Otherwise, the 30 years continuous service required for Life Membership will begin anew using the date of reinstatement.

 If you have any questions regarding membership dues in the CDTA BC Branch please contact the Membership Dues Secretary



Branch members may contact Mary Galaugher at