Pre-Associate Exam


The Rhythm examination syllabus consists of 5 dances and the Smooth examination syllabus is 3 dances. They are separate examinations.

Reference Books – DVIDA Bronze Technique books. Please note that the books take precedence over the videos/dvds. (available from Dance Vision)

The Pre-Associate examination is an introduction to the syllabus. The Full Bronze examination must be taken within two years.

The examination style will not follow exactly the International Style at this level as it will contain more about comparisons between dances as well as simple teaching questions. A different marking sheet will be used to reflect the examination requirements.


The candidate must demonstrate the required dances as Leader and Follower to music with a partner using all the patterns in the Step List Smooth or Step List Rhythm.

The music must be appropriate tempo for the dances.

The candidate must show good posture, movement and correct footwork.


Questions will be appropriate for the level.

The candidate must know and understand the technical terms used in the charts.

The candidate will be asked simple teaching questions and comparisons between dances.

The candidate will be examined in depth on the Step List patterns marked with an asterick (*).

Amount of turn is approximate and only relevant when the figure has been demonstrated incorrectly.

The candidate must demonstrate Cuban Motion when applicable.
January 2010

Level – Pre-Associate

Cha Cha
1. Basics in Place
2. Side Basic (*)
3. Progressive Basic (*)
4. Outside Partner
5. Crossover Break (*)
6. Cross Body Lead (*)
7. Open Break and Underarm Turn (*)
1. Side Basic (*)
2. Fifth Position Breaks (*)
3. Box Step (*)
4. Cross Body Lead (*)
5. Outside Partner
6. Slow Underarm Turn (*)
7. Open Break and Underarm Turn (*)
East Coast Swing
1. Basic (*)
2. Basic Turning to Right (*)
3. Basic Turning to Left (*)
4. Throwout (*)
5. Underarm Turn (*)
6. Underarm Release from Basic (*)
7a. Tuck In-Handshake (*)
1. Forward and Back Basic (*)
2. Side Breaks (*)
3. Side Breaks and Cross
4. Cross Body Lead (*)
5. Open Break Underarm Turn (*)
6. Crossover Break and Walk Around (*)
1. Basic to Side (*)
2. Back Rock (*)
3. Side Breaks (*)
4. Arm Slide (*)
5. Back to Back
6a. Swivels Straight (*)
7b. Conga Breaks (simple action) (*)

Level – Pre-Associate

1A. Box Step (straight)
1B. Box with Underarm Turn (*)
2. Progressive (*)
3A. Left Turning Box
3B. Right Turning Box
4A. Balance Steps; Forward, Back, Side top Side
4B. Balance and Box
5. Simple Twinkle (*)
6. Two Way Underarm Turn
7. Face to Face, Back to Back
8. Reverse Turn (*)
9. Natural Turn (*)

1. Basic
2. Promenade (*)
3A. Rock Turn Left (*)
3B. Rock Turn Right (*)
4. Sway Step
5A. Promenade Underarm Turn
5B. Sway Underarm Turn
6A. Zig Zag in Line (*)
6B. Zig Zag Outside Partner (*)
7. Box Step
8. Twinkle (*)

1A. Straight Basic
1B. Curving Basic (*)
2A. Promenade Turning Left (*)
2B. Promenade Turning Right (*)
3A. Single Corte
3B. Double Corte (*)
4. Progressive Rocks (*)
5A. Open Fan (*)
5B. Open Fan with Underarm Turn