Professional Exam Fee Schedule

Professional Exam Fee Schedule

Scheduled Date Special Date
Pre-Associate *  $ 75.00 $175.00
Associate $125.00 $225.00
Licentiate (Member) $175.00 $275.00
Fellow $225.00 $325.00
*New Ballroom only “One Dance at a Time” $75.00

Note: These charges are subject to change, without notice.

* Pre-Associate members please note:”a Pre-Associate must make arrangements to take the Associate examination within two years of acceptance into the Branch. Any extension of this time must be applied for in a written request to the Executive with an explanation . The Executive will then deal with each request individually.“


Candidate will be required to pay the assessed amount to the CDTA prior to the examination.


Please note: “ In advertising Canadian Dance Teachers Association qualifications, a member must list the individual Divisions in which he or she has qualified.”