One Dance Exam

The following information will provide guidelines for the “One Dance at a Time” Method of Professional Certification available from the CDTA BC Branch.  Candidates may take more than 1 dance if they choose.

CDTA is now offering the busy dance instructor the opportunity to obtain their professional certifications in a unique, supportive, and manageable way. You may now take your professional examinations “One Dance at a Time”. The Modular “One Dance” system is available for Associate and Licentiate examinations. Pre-Associate remains as complete examinations.

Completion of Full Examination for all levels: Please remember you have 2 years from date of first examination to complete the full examination and receive your membership qualification.

Here are some benefits of the “One Dance at a Time” concept:

  • After your first test, you will get feedback from the examiner, as well as receive your test scores. This will allow you to study more efficiently for the next exam. You will also be more comfortable and confident on the next examination.
  • Your overall technique will improve from one test to another. For example, if you miss “heel leads” in the Foxtrot, you probably would have missed them in the other dances as well when taking all the dances at once. By having time to make corrections, your results will improve with each examination.  Therefore, you will be better trained and improve throughout the process.
  • You will receive a Professional Dance Test Certificate for each “One Dance” you take. This will add credibility to your teaching and reputation.
  • You will be able to pace yourself and become certified in a way that works best for you and your busy schedule. You are likely to be more motivated to get started when you realize that the task is not overwhelming, but something you can do in “bite size” pieces.

Cost per “One Dance” is $75.00.  Time is up to 45 minutes per dance