2020 Exam Dates

Ballroom and Specialty Dances Division

The following dates have been adopted as "SET" dates for CDTA Medal Tests and Professional Examinations.

Candidates for Medal Tests and Pro Exams, please contact a CDTA-accredited teacher to book your tests/exams with the Exam Secretary.

Independent teachers can invite their students to participate and prepare for the Medal Tests.

Professional Examinations can be booked on the dates shown below.

Medal Test Dates

Lower Mainland Vancouver Island
March 22 April 26
Postponed until further notice
due to Covid-19 containment measures.
June 21 November 15
November 8

Professional Exam Dates

Lower Mainland Vancouver Island
May 24 April 19
December 6 October 18

Exams must be booked 6 weeks prior to these dates and fees must be paid 3 weeks prior to Examination Dates. Proposed dates may be changed without notice.

You may also set your own Special Date any time to suit your needs, for Medal Tests there must be a minimum of $300.00 and for a Special Professional Examination there is an additional $100.00 fee. ( * see Examination Fees regular and special.)

All applications for examinations should be sent to:

Bobbi Lusic, Examination Secretary
15085 91 Avenue
Surrey BC V3R1B6
778-773-9904, ballroomexamsecretary@cdtabc.com