Code Of Ethics


Membership in the Branch requires compliance with the Code of Ethics, as set out below:


It is unethical for a member of the Branch to make negative or disparaging remarks about any other member with regard to the other member’s competence or conduct in any dance related activity. Since the objectives of the CDTA BC Branch are to promote friendship among dance teachers and encourage and maintain a high standard of business ethics, this kind of unethical behaviour is not acceptable and is cause for termination or suspensions of membership in the Branch by the Branch Executive.

If a member has concerns regarding another member’s conduct or action with respect to dance activities, a written complain should be provided to the Executive Committee who will deal with the matter.


Direct solicitation: It is unethical for a teacher to approach, in any manner the pupil, pupils or employees of another teacher and, for any reason at all, to try to induce them to join his/her school.

Indirect solicitation: It is equally unethical for a teacher to adopt an indirect manner of appropriating pupils from another school, e.g., by adverse criticism against other teachers’ methods, free coaching, or by citing the advantages to be gained by the pupil from the change


It is unethical:

  1. To make false and extravagant claims designed to deceive the uninitiated, e.g., “Miss X, dance instructress, can turn you into a ballerina in ten days”.
  2. To arrange an advertisement so that it incorporates a misrepresentation of the truth, e.g., If one has a diploma as a teacher of ballroom dancing, his/her advertisement should not be arranged so that it appears he/she has credentials for teaching ballet too, when this is not true.
  3. To incorporate in one’s advertisement a phrase that features disparagement of other teachers, e.g., “Mr. X is the only teacher of classical ballet in Canada.”


Studios shall not use misleading methods to obtain contractual commitments by students


  1. Members of Branch Associations shall not be allowed to issue certificates and/or medals of their own, nor shall any member of the Association examine his/her own pupils.