Medal Tests: March 7 2021, Victoria – 2

Medal Tests were held on March 7 2021, Victoria, BC. 2 Silver Medal Tests, International style – Latin. Examiner: Patricia Nikleva. Congratulations to the candidates Marilyn Thompson and Doug Thompson and their CDTABC teacher John De Pfyffer.Continue reading

Patricia Lusic

Patricia has been dancing almost since she could walk, starting with tap, then jazz, ballet, musical theatre and ballroom. In 2005, Patricia caught the Argentine tango bug when she saw the end of a tango class while waiting for a salsa class. A tango proposal and honeymoon in Buenos Aires turned her dance partnership with Bobbi Lusic into a life partnership, and tango into Patricia’s vocation. Since 2005, Patricia and Bobbi Lusic have shared the beauty of Salon Tango as instructors, performers, DJs, promoters and organizers of tango events. Patricia is a Licentiate Member of the Canadian Dance Teachers Association (CDTA) Specialty Dances Division. More about Patricia: RegisterContinue reading

Cross-Disciplinary Dance Experience Workshops

Take these innovative and unique workshops to explore your partner dancing from new angles. Refresh your dancing with skills borrowed from other disciplines. Understand your body and motion in new ways. Thinking outside the box definitely is a requirement in this set. Presented by Bobbi Lusic All proceeds support the Student Scholarship Fund, dedicated to furthering dance education. Register at the door please. 1:00 – 2:30 pm “Move with More Poise & Ease” – Alexander Technique by Heike Walker More info 2:45 -4:00 pm Rethink Connections for Dynamic Partnerships by Patricia Lusic More info 4:15 – 5:30 pm Hip Hop Glide Technique for Smooth & Unique Footwork by Kyle Vicente More info Limited spots available. Solo participants welcome – partner not needed to join. Open to intermediate and advanced partner dancers of all disciplines. Minimum 2 years dance experience. Admission: $25 per workshop or $65 for all 3 workshops. Admissions are not transferable, not refundable. Registration is secured once payment is received. Cash, cheque or e-transfer. Register at the door please.Continue reading

Tango Liso presentation planned for 2019 post-AGM mingle

A tango liso presentation will take place at the 2019 post-AGM mingle. 6 students, enrolled in the program will demonstrate tango dancing as it is done for the program’s Part 3 Assessment, and as it is danced at milongas. It will be followed by a tango vals presentation for the sheer enjoyment of the style, and to mark 2019 as the year of the waltz and other dance in ¾ time, as per World Social Dance Day, Sep 22, 2019. Local tango teachers have been invited to attend.Continue reading

Invite to tango teachers for peer reviews

On September 26, 2019, established teachers of Argentine tango were invited to apply for membership and to do peer reviews. The following message was emailed to 18 teachers in the Greater Vancouver area. This invitation is also extended to established Argentine tango teachers across the province. You are invited to the 2019 CDTA BC AGM Mingle! Please confirm your attendance. Join us and meet our members and executives, enjoy mingling and watching student presentations. Did you know that we are celebrating our 70th anniversary this year? You can apply to join our ranks as a member, supporting the art of dance in communities across British Columbia and Canada. The mingle will be a perfect opportunity to ask questions about membership, initiatives, benefits, etc. Part of the mingle will be a Salon Tango student demo including two dances, at 2 pm. First, a tango liso will feature tango as it is danced for part 3 assessment of the Salon Tango Program. The second will be a vals demo for the sheer enjoyment of the style, and to mark 2019 as the year of the waltz and other dance in ¾ time, as per World Social Dance Day, Sep 22, 2019. On October 6, doors will open at 1:15pm for the post-AGM Mingle and Presentations. Attendees would be CDTA members and invitees. The tango demo will take place at 2pm. The location is: Stage One Academy 5731 Minoru Blvd #170, Richmond, BC V6X 2B1 Let me know if you have any questions. Please forward this messageContinue reading

Medal Tests: June 22 2019, Victoria

Medal Tests were held on June 22 2019, Victoria, BC. 4 Bronze Medal Tests, American style – Rhythm. Examiner: Jinmin Shen. Congratulations to the candidates Dianne Moniz and Raymond Rusk, and their CDTABC teacher Adam Hanna.Continue reading

2019 World Social Dance Day – September 22 – Dance of the Year: Waltz

2019 World Social Dance Day is to be Sunday, September 22, and the Dance of the Year is the Waltz or any dance in 3/4 time. Examples of this charming dance (in alphabetical order) are American style Waltz, Bolero, Branle, Cajun Waltz, Canter rhythm, Courante, Contra Waltz, Country Western Waltz, Cross-step waltz, Cuban (or Tropical) Waltz, El vito, Fandango, Hesitation Waltz, International standard waltz, Kujawiak, Labajalavalss, Mazurka, Mexican vals, Minuet, Oberek, Passepied, Peruvian waltz, Piva, Polonaise, Polska, Redowa, Ritournelle, Sarabande, Scandinavian Waltz, Tango vals, Tourdion, Treble jig, Tsamiko, Valse à deux temps, Valse Musette, Venezuelan waltz, Viennese waltz, Walking Boston. Did you know? that the history of waltz dances dates back as far as the 1500s? Post it below! Is there a curious waltz-fact you’d like everyone to know? Can you think of any other dances in 3/4? The picture depicts Viennese Waltz.Continue reading