Ballet Syllabus

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CDTA National Ballet Syllabus – Use “National Syllabus Order Form

Junior Syllabus(Preliminary – Grade 3 Enrichment)
Senior Syllabus(Grade 4 – Grade 5 Enrichment)
Major Syllabus(Intermediate-Advanced 2 Enrichment)

CDTA Ballet Music – Use “Music CD Order Form

CD for Preliminary Enrichment – Grade 1 Enrichment
CD for Grade 2 – Grade 3 Enrichment
CD for Grade 4 Syllabus
CD for Grade 4 Enrichment
CD for Grade 5 Syllabus
CD for Grade 5 Enrichment
CD for Intermediate Ballet Syllabus
CD for Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 Enrichment
CD for Advanced 1 Syllabus

CDTA Ballet DVD – Use “National DVD Order Form

Junior DVD(Preliminary Badge – Grade 3 Enrichment)
Senior DVD(Grade 4 – Grade 5 Enrichment)
Majors DVD(Intermediate Enrichment – Advanced 2 Enrichment)