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In yesterday's Board of Examiners meeting
Maggie Bretton was appointed Adjudicator in the Ballroom & Specialty Division - CONGRATS Maggie!!!!

Executive Board elected for 2019/2020

President Shauna Milne
Vice President
Past President Shannon Vallee
Registrar Marie Jones
Recording Secretary Patricia Lusic
Treasurer Stacey Butterworth
Membership Dues Secretary Shanlee Letendre

Division Chairpersons

Ballet Chair Alison Cowan
Ballroom Chair Patricia Nikleva
Modern Chair Irene Booth
Multicultural Chair Carol Coulson
Stage Chair Karry Kozak –Fedoruk

Examination Secretary

Stage Sandi Wadden
Ballet Sandi Wadden
Modern Sandi Wadden
Ballroom & Specialty Bobbi Lusic
Multicultural Marie Jones

Dear Members,

The gist: Anyone who wants to vote by Skype should email their Skype username (handle) to webmaster@cdtabc.ca, so we can send them an invite to join this closed meeting.

Thanks to all who have already contacted an executive member to let us know that they will attend the AGM on October 6 at 11 am. It will be great to see you there! If you haven't done it yet, please let us know. We like to stay in touch.

Some members who cannot attend in person, have requested to vote by proxy, which our bylaws do not allow for. Voting has to be done in real time in person.

We want your voice to count, so a possible solution is to vote by Skype in an online meeting set up for that purpose. You will have to be logged in and joined the group chat to still vote in person, in real time. Please note that technical support will not be provided by the chat facilitator.

Among attending members, we need a kind person to volunteer to facilitate the Skype meeting on site and to get votes from members who have joined the Skype meeting. It's really easy - everything will be explained and I'll be close by for help. Please let me know if you can help with facilitating (hosting) the Skype session.

Once you have received the invite, please log in and join the chatroom to read the voting instructions ahead of the AGM. This was you will also have a chance to circumvent any tech issues you may encounter.

Best regards,

I am looking for a seasoned and well-established hip-hop teacher. Please let me know if you have recommendations. Area of interest: Greater Vancouver/Fraser Valley.

Wow! Not just prevent but reverse!

2019 AGM Sunday October 6th
11am-12pm, buffet lunch and entertainment to follow.

Notices have been sent out electronically.

Held at Stage One Academy 170-5731 Minoru Blvd. Richmond

Hope to see you all there!!

Exam Request deadline Is Oct 27/19!

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The young man is a 3rd generation champion

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Respect Everyone Equally – Set Expectations – Set Goals for Success – It’s About the Journey – Keep it Positive & Have Some Fun – Integrate Volunteer Coaches

In preparing for tests and examinations, students have a set length of time to practice, take classes and private lessons. A focused learning plan with specific and timed goals can significantly add to student success and achievement.

We can help students identify the styles and levels of medal that will improve their dance skills. Our expertise and understanding can be a great influence in developing individuals and dance communities.

Once a student is identified as a test candidate, completing the application is a show of commitment to start a development plan and lessons and practices. Enough lead time will add to the quality of the candidate experience. It gives the teacher more opportunity to help in a candidate’s preparations.

Your division’s Examination Secretary is committed to facilitating the student’s learning path and achievements.

Bobbi Lusic, Examination Secretary
Ballroom and Specialty Dances Division, CDTA BC

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