Ballroom Division

Welcome to the Ballroom Division of the CDTA BC Branch

The Ballroom Division is represented on the CDTA BC Branch Executive Committee by the Chairperson, Examination Secretary and an Adjudicator to encourage growth in the included dances: International and American Style Ballroom, and Specialty Dances Argentine tango, Salsa and West Coast Swing. The Ballroom Division is represented on the National Board of the CDTA by a Consultant who is also Chairperson of the National Ballroom Committee

The Ballroom Division membership is offered to those who qualify.

International Style examinations progress from Student Teacher, Associate, Licentiate to Fellow.

American Style examinations progress through Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Specialty Dances – membership level is determined by Adjudication.

You may download the Professional Syllabus of your choice to prepare for your examination.

  1. International Style Ballroom
  2. International Style Latin American
  3. American Style Smooth
  4. American Style Rhythm

Professional Examinations may be arranged on scheduled dates and also “special” dates may be arranged.

Professional Dance Tests are available for those who wish to apply for registration as a Dancesport Adjudicator with the CDDSC. The Canadian Dance and Dancesport Council. The CDTABC Branch retains annual membership in the Council for members who wish to become involved in Dancesport either as an Organizer; Competitor; Scrutineer or Adjudicator.

The Modular (One Dance at a Time) Examination system is available to Associate and Licentiate by request. This can be helpful for the busy teacher to achieve higher goals.

New Members: Complete the Application Form and follow directions on the form.   You will be notified by the Registrar when your application is approved at which time you may complete the Request for Examination and forward to Examination Secretary.

Members in Good Standing who wish to upgrade their qualifications complete only the Request for Examination Form.

Request for Examination Ballroom Division

Student Medal Programs are an important element in encouraging students to reach their set goals determined by them and their teacher/s.   They are offered in a progressive system of One Dance, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Gold Star and Gold Stars 1 – 5. Scheduled dates are announced. Special Dates may be arranged if the criteria is met.

CDTA Pins in 3 colors are available for teachers as an incentive program arranged by the teacher themselves.

Fellowship Candidates and Student Gold Star Levels are encouraged to reference the textbooks by Geoffrey Hearn on Advanced Ballroom and Latin. (There will be no more texts as Geoffrey Hearn has passed away.) Please note these books do not take the place of the Ballroom Technique ISTD but provide additional information to the more advanced level of professional and student.

If we can be of any assistance do not hesitate to contact:

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