Welcome to the CDTA, Ballet Division, BC Branch!

The CDTA National Ballet Division offers a credited student examination program for all levels of dancers, from Beginner to Advanced.  Through a positive and encouraging curriculum the CDTA National Ballet Syllabus allows students an opportunity to fine tune their ballet technique and enhance their dance quality.

The CDTA National Ballet Division Syllabus focuses on all aspects of the ballet art form.

The Technical Training of students is found in the grades portion of the syllabus.  From Primary – Grade 3 in the Junior levels, Grade 4-5 in the Senior levels and Intermediate, and Advanced 1 in the Major levels where each of these grades is designed to develop the dancers body alignment and co-ordination with overall ballet technique.  As the dancer progresses through the syllabi grades the level of difficulty in the steps and the application of the technique becomes increasingly more challenging.

Maria Lewis Memorial Bursary

The CDTA B.C, BRANCH is so very fortunate to have a legacy from Ms. Lewis and thus the start of an annual bursary to be awarded to a Senior Ballet Student. Read More

The Artistry Training of students is concentrated on in the Ballet Syllabus Enrichment Examinations.  These examinations focus on the dancers ability to now use their ballet technique and steps that were developed in the previous grade examinations to perform a piece of choreography. Since, dance is a performing art these examinations have the students focus on musicality, creativity and performance with overall ballet technique thus, giving dancers a focus and obtainable goals to reach for no matter what stage of development they are at in their dancing careers.Please remember all current members are encouraged to check the web page regularly for syllabus updates or Examiner notes.

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