Message from Pat Nikleva

Hello Ballroom members:

As we move into post pandemic dancing, your CDTA BC Ballroom executive and examiners have a few items to bring to your attention.


The Ballroom Division is now called Ballroom and Specialty Dances Division. In regard to Specialty Dances watch announcements coming soon.


As previously announced in the March Newsletter, Ballroom Examiners welcome Calvin Lee who has been appointed a new examiner. Calvin “sat in” on the tests as part of the new examiners training. Reg Rossin of Victoria has had to step down from his position as examiner for health reasons.


Ten new Step Lists for Ballroom and Latin dances are now available for you to download from the Forms and Downloads page:
Some history – this little project began in 2017 as I was recovering from pneumonia.  I worked on these step lists and they have been sitting on my computer until now.  As we commenced to update the Ballroom material on the website, I mentioned these lists which I think teachers could find useful. Calvin offered to update or re format the step lists.  We decided now is a good time to put them out there for our members to use during what we hope will be a busy season ahead. I.e., each dance has all the options available at each designated level and shows how they progress and develop through the levels.  It provides a quick reference instead of having to look through the books.  It has been a collaborative effort with the examiners and ballroom executive to complete and download for your use and we hope you find them useful!


Another project has been completed!  It is the new CDTA Amateur Teacher Examination.  Calvin Lee and I worked together to prepare this new examination, in collaboration with Ballroom Examiners for advice, and Executives Bobbi & Patricia Lusic for style and formatting. This information is now on the website along with two downloadable documents: Request for Examination, and Guidelines[1].  The Examination is meant for competitors who, at a certain level, may be allowed by their respective governing body to teach, usually with the funds allocated to further training.  It is not membership in CDTA but rather something that we can do to assist their development.  Should they wish to pursue a professional path at a later time, the examination allows them to join the CDTA at the Associate level instead of Pre-Associate. The content of the examination could be used by a teacher to design a class for those who wish to understand the technique not just dance it.  


The new Pre-Associate membership level can be acquired by completing the Student Teacher professional examination.


The new Affiliate membership level is available to those who want to support the initiatives and values of the CDTA (i.e., the CDTA Code of Ethics) while enjoying the discounts and benefits of offers from SOCAN, ReSound, insurance companies and other organizations that recognize CDTA membership.


We will be updating our Registrars listing of our members categories and recognizing exactly which dancing styles they hold. This is a reminder that any member who holds American Style Rhythm or Smooth accreditation as explained on the website will be recognized on the membership list. This is an ad-on listing for free.


If you have qualifications to become a CDTA Examiner, please place an application ahead of time, as the full examination board meet only once a year – OCTOBER 2021.


We accept membership applications from candidates holding membership with other recognized associations. All applications will be considered.

We hope that you will be prepared and ready for the New season ahead.  Please do not hesitate to contact any of us.
Patricia Nikleva, Chair CDTA Ballroom and Specialty Dances
Bobbi Lusic, Examination Secretary, and Specialty Dance Coordinator
Patricia Lusic, Recording Secretary CDTA BC, and website coordinator with Bobbi Lusic
Ballroom and Latin Examiners: Pat Nikleva, Jinmin Shen, Lola Valair, Calvin Lee
Specialty Dance Adjudicators: Donn Picard and Maggie Bretton

Yours truly,

Patricia Nikleva
Chair, Ballroom and Specialty Dances Division
CDTA BC Branch

July 26/21

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