March 2021 Newsletter

British Columbia Branch
Dear Members,
Spring has officially arrived and with the vaccines rolling out everywhere in the country, we are full of hope for the future.
Although we originally wanted to have our 2021 CDTA National summer courses in-person, we made the decision in January to teach them live over Zoom, July 17-20. We had sent a national survey out in January to see what kinds of courses our CDTA members (and non-members) would like to see, and when during the summer. From the results of that survey, we decided to offer more classes on different dates as well.
Our summer syllabus intensives will run as follows:
From July 17-20 (Saturday -Tuesday), we will be offering Grade 4 and Elementary Tap, Grade 4 and Elementary Jazz, Junior Modern, and Junior Acrobatic Dance, as well as our TDC classes in Music, Anatomy, Dance History and Pedagogy.
Then, from August 5-8 (Thursday-Sunday), we will be offering Junior Ballet (divided over two days), Junior Jazz, and Junior Tap, as well as the TDC courses again.
Registration for these courses will begin Wednesday, March 24, 2021 (tomorrow) from our CDTA National website. All info and registration will be available there.
We are excited to to be offering these classes by zoom! Please share all this info with your teachers and dancers!
Have a great day everyone!!


“Congratulations” to Victoria teachers Wanda Kivitt and John DePfyffer for entering their students in the first session of Ballroom Zoom Medal Tests.
The Examiner was Patricia Nikleva.  Bobbi Lusic organized the tests following the CDTA Covid regulations and also produced the NEW MARKING SHEETS as a word document replacing the hand written ones used in the past. Teachers said that they appreciated receiving the new sheets by email in a timely manner following the tests.
The next exam dates can be looked up on the website ( we are looking forward to more tests and exams coming up in the near future.
The Ballroom Examiners would like to welcome Calvin Lee who has been appointed a new examiner. Calvin “sat in” on the tests as part of the new examiners training. Reg Rossin of Victoria has had to step down from his position as examiner due to poor health.
The Ballroom examiners have met and discussed the Zoom test program – to learn from the experience, and plan for future sessions .
The CDTABC Branch is dedicated to assisting our members as we go through these uncertain times in the dance business, please let us know how we can help you.
Patricia Nikleva – CDTABC Ballroom Chair
Bobbi Lusic – CDTABC Ballroom Examination Secretary


All studios should now be using the New CDTA Tap and Jazz syllabus that went into effect on
September 1st, 2020.
JULY 17-2, 2021
For more information visit our website @

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