Heike Walker

The Alexander Technique teaches you to increase awarenessof posture and movement. It helps you to become aware of habitual movement patterns, to release excess muscle tension and find better posture and coordination. Learning the principles of the Alexander Technique teaches dancers a deeper presence and clarity in the body, and facilitates poise and ease of movement.

Heike Walker is a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique. She has been interested in movement and dance since her early twenties which has led her to take the Alexander training in Berlin, Germany. Heike is also a Reflexology Therapist and a Bach Remedies Practitioner.

Heike is the owner of Balance Arts Studio and offers individual sessions in Alexander Technique, Reflexology and Bach Remedies. She also teaches Alexander Technique workshops and gives seminars in Reflexology and Bach Remedies in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland.

Find out more about Heike here: http://www.balanceartsstudio.com/about-heike/


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