Invite to tango teachers for peer reviews

On September 26, 2019, established teachers of Argentine tango were invited to apply for membership and to do peer reviews. The following message was emailed to 18 teachers in the Greater Vancouver area. This invitation is also extended to established Argentine tango teachers across the province.

You are invited to the
2019 CDTA BC AGM Mingle!

Please confirm your attendance.

Join us and meet our members and executives, enjoy mingling and watching student presentations. Did you know that we are celebrating our 70th anniversary this year?

You can apply to join our ranks as a member, supporting the art of dance in communities across British Columbia and Canada. The mingle will be a perfect opportunity to ask questions about membership, initiatives, benefits, etc.

Part of the mingle will be a Salon Tango student demo including two dances, at 2 pm. First, a tango liso will feature tango as it is danced for part 3 assessment of the Salon Tango Program. The second will be a vals demo for the sheer enjoyment of the style, and to mark 2019 as the year of the waltz and other dance in ¾ time, as per World Social Dance Day, Sep 22, 2019.

On October 6, doors will open at 1:15pm for the post-AGM Mingle and Presentations. Attendees would be CDTA members and invitees.
The tango demo will take place at 2pm.

The location is: Stage One Academy
5731 Minoru Blvd #170, Richmond, BC V6X 2B1

Let me know if you have any questions.

Please forward this message to any other Salon Tango teachers who might be interested.

Bobbi Lusic

Bobbi Lusic
Co-Director/Instructor, TangobugDancing forDessert
Examination Secretary/Licentiate Member, CDTA-BC
778.773.9904 /


What is the Salon Tango Program?

The CDTA BC opened their doors for Argentine tango to be represented in a group of Specialty Dances, along with West Coast Swing and Salsa. In order to differentiate Argentine tango from other styles, and to serve as a guide in accreditation of teachers, the Argentine tango Syllabus Project was initiated. The Salon Tango Program is the first stage of the syllabus project. One of the aims of the program is to identify the concepts and elements required for dancing tango as it is danced in milonga venues. The program answers the question, What should a student learn for dancing salon tango?

This program sets salon style tango apart from milonga, tango vals, performance tango, ballroom styles, and others. It is designed to preserve a Buenos Aires benchmark in style, music and cultural aspects. It is based on concepts, elements and connections, rather than sequences.

The Salon Tango Program is now due for peer reviews and is expected to evolve in accordance with contributions of collaborators. It is an opportunity to overcome barriers in conceptualizing tango, resistance towards defining the dance, sharing the personal opinions, suggestions and visions which vary so much from one individual to another. The program’s development is mostly a work of love for participating teachers.

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