2018 New or Upgraded Members

1 Caitlin Beale Associate Member Ballet
2 Jolene Kutzner Associate Member Ballet
3 Kate McGowan Associate Member Stage (Tap)
4 Jennifer Johnson Licentiate Member Stage (Tap)
5 Lindsay Dufresne Associate Member Stage (Jazz, Tap)
6 Emily Vater Associate Member Stage (Jazz)
7 Jessica Ames Licentiate Member Ballet, Modern, Stage (Jazz)
8 Karen Wasicuna Licentiate Member Modern
9 Lilian (Fan) Li Associate Member Ballet
10 Rebecca McLane Licentiate Member Modern
11 Jenna Douven Associate Member Stage (Jazz, Tap)
12 Wilma Rosas Associate Member Ballroom (Latin, International) – Transfer from Atlantic Branch
13 Shanlee Letendre Licentiate Member Added Stage (Jazz) to her membership
14 Jean Norman Licentiate Member Upgrade to Licentiate in Stage (Jazz, Tap)

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