Ballet Division News for March 2016

The CDTA Ballet Division is pleased to announce that Syllabus DVD’s are now available. There are 3 DVD’s that correspond with the Junior, Senior and Major Syllabi. The DVD’s are a physical demonstration of all of the steps and Enrichment Dances to help aid with your teaching. It also gives a very good example of the technique and qualities that examiners will be looking for during the student examinations. Make sure to check out the Ballet Syllabus Page of our new Website to place your order before the DVD’s are gone!

If you have applied for membership or are already a member you may also order the Junior, Senior or Major Ballet syllabus binders, as well as the CDs that accompany all of the grade work. Order forms are on the website.

If you have any questions please send them to the Ballet Chairperson, Alison Cowan.

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