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Set Combinations For Grade Four Tap

The B.C. Branch Set Combinations are 1 – 4.




Effective January 1, 2015, the following revisions have been made to the Junior Tap Syllabus

It is highly recommended you purchase an emailed revised version of the Syllabus


Preliminary Tap Examination

Teacher to prepare 4 combinations

                                    Use either 2a or 2b (not both)

Effective January 1, 2015,

Please note: Students count aloud while clapping and marking the Rhythm Study. 

Primary Tap Examination

The three set combinations for B.C. Branch are as follows-

1a, 2a, and 3a.

Teacher selects two more combinations from remaining list

Five combinations total.

Effective January 1, 2015

Combo #1(b) – pg.4- on “flap ball changes side to side” cross behind on first step of ball change.

Combo #6 – pg.5- show transfer of weight on all ball digs.

Grade One Tap Examination

Standard combinations are to include use of arms, ability to count and explain. Note music is now required.

The three set combinations for B.C. Branch are as follows-

2, 3 and 6

Teacher selects two more combinations from remaining list

Five combinations total

Effective January 1, 2015

Combo #7  typo- should be “flap L, Shuffle R”  (Line 2)

Grade Two Tap Examination

The four set combinations for B.C. branch are as follows-

2,5,6, & 9

Teacher selects three more from combinations from remaining list.

Seven combinations total.

Effective January 1, 2015

Combo #4 change “ball change” to “step step” on essence.  May also travel it to side.

Combo #5 has been deleted so effective January 1st…in the old syllabus 2, 6, 8, & 9 (to avoid confusion please purchase new version of syllabus for $10.00.)

NEW SET COMBINATIONS FOR GRADE TWO:  In the revised/new syllabus…EFFECTIVE JAN. 1, 2015….the B.C. set combinations are 2, 5, 7, & 8. (numbers were revised to accommodate the taking out of Combo #5)

Combo #10 (a,b,c) – simple descriptions added for each rhythm in new revised syllabus.

Grade Three Tap Examination

The four set combinations for B.C. branch are as follows-


Teachers select three more combinations from remaining list.

Seven Combinations total.

Combo #4 –original intended direction was added at end as an optional direction.

Recommended :  A full updated Junior Tap Syllabus may be purchased for $10.00. Upon receipt of your payment and Copyright Adherence Form,  it will be emailed to you.

To place your order go the Stage Syllabus Order Form.

National Senior Jazz Syllabus Updates/Revisions


–  Change of page numbering.

–  Grade written at top of page throughout.

–  Errors and typos fixed throughout syllabus. (As much as possible, anyways…)

–  The first section of the syllabus now contains Table of Contents, General Guidelines, Acknowledgements,

and Suggested Combo Metronome markings, based on the tempos used on the corresponding DVD.

–  Be able to show Terminology with style, on either foot.

–  Spotting of head is expected on all turns and turning steps throughout.

–  In exam, all Dances in Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced are to be performed as a Solo.

–  The Grade Four Dance is still done all together in exam. If dances are longer than suggested in

each grade, teachers will be directed by examiner to fade the music.

–  Clarifications throughout syllabus of notes and terms.

Grade 4:

–  Addition ofRock to terminology

–  Addition of Seat Spin to terminology

–  Rename of Funky Isolation to Set Isolation as well as a bit more clarification to Isolation Combination

with Teachers own choreography, to encourage a higher skill level in the combination.

–  Clarification of Set combination from lunge L to L to end

–  Addition of Double Stage Leap Turn to the 1st travelling combination.


–  Stipulation of minimum of 45° in Ballet Turn Inward in arabesque and attitude.

–  Clarifications to notes of Lyrical and Latin combination.

–  Addition of a Stylized Combination that may be presented as an option to the Latin Combination

–  Renaming of the 1st Travelling step to Hop with Grand Battement to 2nd


–  Renaming of Hop Renversé Turn to Hop Battement to 2nd Turn

–  Clarification of Terminology #9, the Jazz and Ballet Pirouettes

–  Clarification of 1st 4 counts of Barre Exercise #1 (Plies).

–  Renaming of Barre Exercise #5 to Preparation for Hop Battement in 2nd Turn

–  The addition of 2 Combinations; a Lyrical which is required, and a Fast Set Combination which

can be done in lieu of a Fast Teachers own choreography combination.


–  Renaming of Butterfly Flip to Double Attitude Barrel Turn and adding the options of

performing the turn with 1 attitude devant and 1 attitude derriere or 2 attitudes devant to the

definition as well as the 2 attitudes derriere that we have always done.

–  Clarification of the definition of anIllusion.

–  Renaming of Grand Renversé Turn to Hop Fan Kick Turn.

–  Addition of soutenu to turn Barre Exercise #4 (Grand battement en cloche) to repeat on other side  without a break in the music.

Senior Medals:

–  Change Posé Coupé turns to Posé Turns and Butterfly Flips to Double Attitude Barrel Turns.

Senior Glossary:

–  Addition of newly named steps and clarification on others.

November 2014


Effective September 1, 2015

Grade Five Jazz Examinations will no longer be examined by CDTA BC Stage Branch

To fully conform to the National Jazz Syllabus the B.C. Branch has elected to no longer examine the

Grade Five Jazz Examinations

(We are interested in all studios well-being, if this will affect your dance season please advise the CDTA B.C. Branch Stage Examination Secretary by return email)

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