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Welcome to CDTA BC Branch

The CDTA BC Branch is a registered Society offering a wide range of certification programs for professional dance teachers and student examination programs in many disciplines.

The Disciplines offered are:

The website has a section for each Division of the Branch. It contains information on becoming a member and on student examination services provided to members.

Member Benefits

There are many reasons to join the CDTA:

  • Accreditation in represented dance disciplines
  • Insurance for members and family – Commercial Coverage and Group Health/Dental/Disabilty
  • Networking with other dance professionals in various disciplines
  • Listing in the Members Directory
  • Being part of a National dance community with branches across Canada
  • Be involved in creating and maintaining dance standards and syllabi and a variety of exciting initiatives to further the presence of the art of dance in the community.
  • Access to members-only pages, documents and discussion forums on

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CDTA BC Branch
CDTA BC Branch4 weeks ago
Attention All Teachers!! This is going to be a wonderful training opportunity. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!!!!
CDTA BC Branch
CDTA BC Branch
CDTA BC Branch2 months ago
CDTA BC Branch
CDTA BC Branch2 months ago
We want to connect with our members. If you are interested in attending our Virtual Q & A let us know. We would love to see you there!
CDTA BC Branch
CDTA BC Branch5 months ago
I am attaching a letter that has been written and sent to the Legislative Assembly in response to the closure of dance studios in our province. I wanted to share with our members our position on the ever changing policies that we are facing. If you know your local MLA or health officer, please feel free to share this with them. The more exposure the better. Our hope is that our community can come together and support our industry that has taken such a hit with COVID. Thank you for all of your support over the years. Let's stay supportive during this challenging time, help our neighbours, and come out at the end of this stronger than before. All the best to you!!
CDTA BC Branch
CDTA BC Branch updated their status.6 months ago
When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people or changed who can see it, or it's been deleted.
CDTA BC Branch
CDTA BC Branch7 months ago
We'll beat Covid19, and have a fresh start in 2021. In the meantime...

2021 Temporary Membership Rates
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s annual membership dues have been lowered by half in order to assist members in this difficult time. Please note that this decreased annual membership fee is temporary only for this year, and we expect membership fees to return to their regular standard rates for 2022.

Affiliate, Pre-Associate $35.
Associate, Licentiate, Fellowship $45.
Life Members/Honourary Members no charge

Mark your calendar: